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Our Professionals

Paul T. Walker (Retired)

(B.B.A., University of Notre Dame) Thirty-two years with the Chase Manhattan Bank where he was Chief Credit Officer and Executive Vice President in charge of credit policy, including all workouts and restructurings. From 1992 – 1996 he was a Trustee of the Drexel Liquidating Trust.  He has served on the boards of directors of reorganized companies such as Integrated Resources, Lomas Financial and TVSM, and he has advised both debtors and creditors in troubled situations.  He serves frequently as an expert witness on credit policy and practice, valuation and reorganization subjects.  pwalker@walkertruesdell.com

(B.A., Yale University) Began his career at Lazard Freres and then spent ten years as president of First Colony Farms, a 365,000 acre vertically integrated agribusiness enterprise in North Carolina which had been a Lazard client.  He was president of McLean Industries (of which First Colony Farms was a subsidiary and guarantor) and another subsidiary, U.S. Lines, during four years of bankruptcy proceedings.  He served subsequently as trustee of a large real estate liquidating trust created by McLean’s Chapter 11 Plan.  He spent four years as Senior Trust Advisor to the Drexel Liquidating Trust, where he supervised the resolution of $3 billion in claims and acted as president of the 61 Drexel subsidiaries. htruesdell@walkertruesdell.com

(BA, Queens College, MBA, Wharton) CFP and Registered Investment Advisor.  Formerly a CPA with Ernst & Young, then Director of Financial Analysis at a billion dollar multinational manufacturing firm.  Joined Drexel in 1987 as manager of financial reporting and later handled financial planning, tax issues and financial reporting to the SEC and the Bankruptcy Court at the Drexel Liquidating Trust.  Joined WTR in 1996. bkleinman@walkertruesdell.com

(BA, Cal-State LA) CPA with over twenty-five years of tax, accounting and finance experience. She began her career at  PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. She was a senior Vice President at Reckson Strategic Venture Partners, a real estate opportunity fund responsible for the acquisition, management and disposition of real estate related operating businesses.  She has also served as VP-Finance and CFO of Golodetz Corporation, a closely held international trading and investment company.  She managed the administration of that company’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and assisted WTR in disposing of the company’s assets subsequent to Plan confirmation.  Joined WTR in 2003. sroth@walkertruesdell.com

Diane Rosenshein


(BS, The College of New Jersey) Thirty years of accounting and financial reporting experience.  She spent thirteen years at Drexel Burnham Lambert until the firm’s bankruptcy.  She continued as a member of Drexel’s wind down team for six years through the completion of the Drexel Trust, after which she joined WTR where she worked during its first 1 ½ years.  She then served as a Director at ING Financial Services LLC where she was the Business Manager to the Chief Operating Officer.   Rejoined WTR  in January 2009.  drosenshein@walkertruesdell.com